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Online Classes

Separated or Divorcing Parents


  • 3 hour Course
  • Court Approved
  • 24/7 access
  • You have 30 days to complete the course
  • Choose the courses that best fits your family situation

Meet your court requirement for parenting education in these easy steps:

  1. Register and sign in
    Use your email address and designate a password
    From the course catalog, select the class that best fits your family situation. All are court-approved.

    Cooperative Parenting After Separation/Divorce

    This course is best suited for parents who are able to and/or willing to cooperate and communicate with their child’s other parent. It consists of three modules:

    • When Parents Divorce: Seeing Divorce Through Your Child’s Eyes
    • Becoming Parenting Partners
    • Communication Skills for Success

    Parenting After Separation or Divorce When Conflict is High

    This course is best suited for parents who find themselves arguing with each other more than effectively communicating about parenting issues. It also applies to situations where there are protection orders in place or other variables that make communication difficult. It consists of three modules:

    • When Parents Divorce: Seeing Divorce Through Your Child’s Eyes
    • We Argue All the Time: Effective  Parenting When there is High Conflict
    • Communication Skills for Success
  1. Attend the course on your schedule and pace. Start and stop as often as you need.

  2. Complete the exam with an 80% or better
    To receive credit with the court, you must achieve a score of 80% on the exam. You have multiple chances to re-take the exam.

  3. Download a certificate for your records – We’ll notify you by email when we see that you’ve finished the class. If you are working with an attorney, simply forward the certificate to him/her for filing with the court. If you are not working with an attorney, take your certificate with you to your next court appearance.

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Parenting after divorce isn’t easy! In the thirteen-plus years that we’ve taught this class we’ve heard thousands of stories about how divorced parents feel discouraged, tired and lonely as they go about the tasks involved in being a single parent. Society ignores your situation at best or judges you at worst.

The Changing Family Times will help you be the parent your kids need. You’ll find ongoing support, helpful tips, research-based information, and an occasional friendly nudge to help you stay on top of your parenting game.

And to thank you for your subscription we’ll send you this article: Soft Words for Hard Topics: How to Tell Your Children About Your Divorce.

Diverse Kids

"I really enjoyed it. It really gave me insight on how it can affect children and see some similarities in my own children sadly. It really is a wonderful course and I think every divorcee should take it because you don’t know how it will ultimately affect your children. Thank you again."


"I think it is a wonderful program. I learned a lot."


"Thank you for providing the program. It is good information and I plan to put it to use in my current and future relationship with my children’s mother."


"I just wanted to let you know that I just completed all of the modules and found them to be extremely helpful and find myself reflecting on them often. Thank you again."


"I just finished the class and just wanted to say thank you' so much! There is a lot of great information and I will definitely use all the resources you mentioned."


"I have completed all three modules. They were great and very beneficial."


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