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Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Locally Offered Rebuilding Classes


How does taking this class benefit me?
The program is designed for anyone whose love relationship has ended or is in the process of ending.

When should I take this class?
The answer to this question rests with you. Many people enroll in the class immediately following the ending of their relationship. They find the community and support extremely helpful and healing as they go through this very difficult time in their lives. However, others may wait even several years following a break up and still find the material helpful. It really is up to each person. The material and class experience are helpful at any stage.

What if my ex signs up for the same class?
We have a policy that does not allow couples to enroll in the same seminar. This ensures that each of you will have the best experience possible in the class. When you sign up you will see a section on the registration form that asks for his or her name. Whoever registers first gets priority in the class at hand. The other person is directed to another class in the area or the next class on the schedule.

Are the classes confidential?
Yes. On the first night of class, the facilitators will ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement. And they will stress the importance of respecting each person’s privacy by not sharing personal details outside of class.

Where are the classes held?
The first class is held in a meeting room of a public building. After that, participants volunteer to host following sessions in their homes. This provides a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for the meetings and sets the stage for the development of a safe, supportive community to develop. There is no expectation that you must host a meeting in your home. It is purely voluntary. If for some reason, there is not a home available for the meeting, facilitators will make arrangements for a different location.

Is this a group where people get together to complain about their exes?
Great question! No, this is not one big gripe session. In fact, the class is structured to avoid complaining and gossip. The facilitators will see to it that the class keeps moving in a positive manner. The focus of this seminar is you and your healing. If you are complaining about your ex, you are placing your attention in the past instead of looking toward your future.

Is the class fee covered by insurance?
Some insurance programs may cover a portion of the class fee. It is your responsibility to check with your provider. We will provide you with the necessary paperwork if you will be making a claim with your insurance provider.

If I already have the book, do I need to buy another one?
No. The book you already have will do nicely. We encourage participants to get the book right away and start reading, even if the next class doesn’t start for several weeks.

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