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Weekly Topics

Session One: The Rebuilding Blocks
This session begins with the process of rebuilding your life after the ending of a significant love relationship. At this first meeting you are likely to feel alone and uncomfortable - maybe even scared or nervous about what to expect. All of these are very normal feelings. In a comfortable atmosphere of safety and confidentiality you will be led to explore the Rebuilding Blocks that the class will focus on over the course of the class. You’ll learn about the terms “dumper” and “dumpee” and determine which one you are. You’ll be introduced to the idea that rebuilding your life takes time and skills. You’ll connect with other participants, meet the class facilitators, and hopefully feel welcomed and supported.

Session Two: Adaptation
Tonight you’ll learn about behaviors that you learned in childhood and how they’ve affected your present-day relationships and helped you survive life so far. You’ll begin building a support network with other class participants.

Session Three: Grief
An important aspect of ending a love relationship is grieving your losses. There is a connection between overcoming denial, grieving, and disentangling from your former love partner. This critical session will help you learn about the symptoms of grieving and how important it is to take good care of yourself as you grieve.

Session Four: Anger
Relationship endings often bring intense anger. Learn how to resolve you anger and deal with your feelings so that you are freed up to move forward in your life.

Session Five: Self-Worth
When a relationship ends, your self-esteem often takes a hit. This week focuses on improving your feelings of self-worth to give you strength to move on in your life.

Session Six: Transition
Personal growth usually accompanies a painful experience. Get ready to wake up and begin taking charge of your new life.

Session Seven: Openness
Uncover the masks that you may be using to hide your authentic self. Learn to revel in being you!

Session Eight: Love
Learn to redefine love to include loving yourself. Just how lovable do you feel? Loving yourself first makes it much easier to love another person.

Session Nine: Dating and Sexuality
This week focuses on the topic no one wants to talk about, but is on everyone’s mind – SEX! We discuss how to get back into the dating scene and deal with sexuality as a single person.

Session Ten: Purpose and Freedom
In this final week of class, we look at life on the other side of divorce. What kind of life will you choose for yourself? How will you express your new freedom? What works and what doesn’t work for you?

Rebuiding Blocks

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